El Doblete

What to say about last weekend? Probably the best climbing weekend of my life. 

Last Christmas, Stu and I hatched a plan to come to Spain for a long weekend in spring and climb two of the great classic multi-pitch routes: la Punsola Reniu in Montserrat and Fiesta de los Biceps in Riglos. Last weekend we finally managed it. 

La Punsola Reniu goes up the front face of this amazing pinnacle.

I found both routes challenging in different ways. La Punsola is very run out on the easier lower pitches on rock that is blind and impossible to read. My first pitch had only 5 bolts in 50m! Fiesta was steep, burly and very committing. Abseiling down rock of that angle would be almost impossible so the only way was up. 

There were so many incredible moments over the weekend and it’s impossible to put it all into words. Summiting on top of the Punsola pinnacle and signing the route book hidden in the statue on top, belaying stood on a massive potato after the last hard pitch of Fiesta knowing that we had done it and having celebratory ice creams sat on the terrace of the Riglos bar all stand out. It was an unforgettable weekend that will be hard to beat. 

Signing the book on the summit of the Punsola.

 And how do you celebrate completing “the double” Littlefair-style? Double McDonalds of course!

Tired, but very happy, on the summit of Fiesta.