We’ve just been on our first trip abroad in our van. We spent two weeks travelling around Provence, and I loved it! We have a Citroen Berlingo with a Boot Jump from Amdro and it is seriously good. The boot jump kit seems to make space out of nowhere and the bed and sofa set-up are both really comfy.

We stayed in some stunning locations both at Saint Leger and Orpierre, and it was lovely waking up each morning to beautiful views and cooking out under the stars. In Briançon we opted for the luxury of a campsite, which was also nice for a few days.


Our van spot in Orpierre.

The best bit about a van for me is the complete freedom. We moved around from Saint Leger to Briançon and Orpierre and then back again, deciding on a day-by-day basis where to go. The best bit about the trip from a climbing perspective was trying so many different routes of different styles. There is just so much rock in France!

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was how much trouble I’d have with my head post-injury. I’m only just back climbing on lead again after hurting my ankle in May, and it wasn’t until the end of the trip that I started to feel confident again. I had a lot of frustrating days where I felt good on the moves but I couldn’t lead between the bolts without being gripped with fear.


Trying Du Miel Entre Tes Seins, 7b+, St Leger. I got really scared on this!

I fell off a lot this holiday! Onsighting is definitely a low percentage game. I fell off 6cs and 8as and everything in between. But I did also manage to onsight a 7c/+ at Rue des Masques in Briancon which was my hardest onsight to date, and made me really happy after all the trouble I’d had with my foot.


Trying La Fruite en Avant, 7c, St Leger. No joy on this one.

This trip was the perfect balance of relaxing holiday and climbing. Saint Leger is a fantastic holiday location with beautiful views, a river to swim in and the best bakery in the world (let me know if you want directions!). I can’t wait to go back!


The beautiful Saint Leger.